Alausi to Nariz del Diablo Hike

Start at the train station on the streets Eloy Alfaro in the center of town


Walk down the hill from the train station

alausi-train-station (2)

On the back of the last colonial building there is a mural of a train


Continue walking down


You will arrive at a road – look both ways to make sure no cars are crossing – then safely walk to the other side.


On your left is a sign about the Train of the Volcanoes


On your right is a small colleseum where the locals have toros de mi pueblo


Once you reach the fork in the road take the high road on the left


Continue walking down the dirt road…


If you look down to the right you can see the beautiful Killa Wasi Hostel surrounded by our organic farm


The entrance to Killa Wasi Hostel is after the swimming pool we are renovating to the right.


But to stay on the Nariz del Diablo hike continue on the dirt road going down.


Can you see the train tracks? You will be following them for much of the Nariz del Diablo trek…


You will pass agricultural fields of corn to your right as well as great views of the city of Alausi and the statue of San Pedro whenever you look behind you


Soon you will have to cross the train tracks – look both ways to make sure the train isnt coming (its very loud) and cross to the other side quickly….


Cross the tracks to the path on the other side – DO NOT WALK DOWN THE TRACKS – the Nariz del Diablo trek is a privilege but all it takes are a few idiot tourists to walk down the tracks and this privilege will be taken away from us.


But the beautiful scenery you will see its worth it as soon as you cross the tracks


Follow the path as it twists along the mountain, you will see the train tracks below you to your right.


There are great places to have a picnic or take a break along the way


The views are spectacular and will range from a vivid green to shades of grey depending on whether you are in the dry or wet season


Now you are on the Nariz del Diablo hike follow the path! We will continue updating this page with photos but for now you will just have to follow the instructions below to reach the Nariz del Diablo!

– You have to follow this path for 45 minutes until you reach the top and its flat ground for a good hour.
– Reach another fork in the round where there is a huge square cement side on left side, take the path to the left of the cement tank
– A little further down and your in the town of Nizag.
– As soon as you walk into the village there is a Y intersection,  you take the right side – there is a christian church on the right side
– After the church you curve to the right – wall of the church there is a path.  you walk down for an hour, and you are at the train station  – Nariz del Diablo – Simbambe train station.
– bathroom cafe, little museum to read about the history
– You can follow a different trail back to Alausi if you dont want to backtrack.